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Promo Video Fruitiny

  • Brian the Fruiterer Brian the Fruiterer

    Hi, my name is Brian the Fruiterer!

  • Apple, Banana and Grape Cherry, Peach and

    Discover all 13 kinds of Fruitiny!

  • Evil bugs! Evil bugs!

    ...and protect them against evil bugs!

  • Apple Apple

    Apple with apple. Banana with banana.

  • Banana Banana

    Think fast! Think lateraly!

  • Red piece Blue piece

    What hides beyond round 64?

  • Game Center Facebook

    Share your hiscores on Facebook and Game Center.

  • Fruitaminos! Fruitaminos!

    “This game is a classic.” - My mom.

  • photo of Andy photo of Aaron

    “I love Totano Corp.” - My best friend.

The first real-time memory game ever made.

  • A simple yet unique gameplay, reminiscent of card games of the past.
  • A vintage tone in graphics, with those bright colors which made you smile.
  • A poppy soundtrack which sticks in your head forever.
  • Endless round variations and hidden game modes to unlock.
  • Brian The Fruiterer loves Fruitiny!
  • Here comes a new Fruitiny!
  • ...evil bugs love Fruitiny too!
  • Gotta fruit 'em all!
  • Endless variations!

Fruitiny for iPhone, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch.

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Coming soon to other platforms and devices. Probably.